Organic click-through-rate, or organic CTR, refers to the percentage of search engine users who click on a specific link during a search query. CTR is one of the main ways of measuring your digital marketing efforts on search engine result pages, emails, web ads, and other forms of content. Like any other form of data analytics, it isn’t enough just to understand the CTR percentage for a given link, page, ad, or website – you then have to utilize that information to make meaningful strategy adjustments that will help to get users to engage with your content or visit your website. At Cobalt Digital Marketing, our proprietary Cobalt Formula helps you dive deep into your data analytics to ensure that your search engine marketing is getting the results and conversions you need to acquire new customers and drive higher revenue. Click-through-rate is a key SEO metric and by understanding how CTR works, you can make strategic adjustments that have an immediate impact on your digital marketing efforts and bottom line.  

What does the research say about CTR?

Because click-through rate is such an important metric, digital marketers spend a lot of time tracking changes to search engine algorithms to understand how they will affect CTR and rankings on search engine results pages (SERPs). Generally speaking, the higher you rank in a search engine query, the more people will click on your link and the higher your CTR will be, which will help you move even higher up in the rankings. Research conducted by Backlinko used massive amounts of search engine query data to understand, by the numbers, how CTR is affected by SEO techniques, tactics, and strategies. The study provides invaluable data about CTR and what it means for digital marketers in 2020:

  • The top result of Google’s organic search has an average 31.7% CTR and is 10X more likely to be clicked on than a link that ranks 10th. What this means is that if your company is investing in SEO, then you should aim for the top spot or don’t aim at all. Of course, that’s not always possible because your competitors are also investing in SEO, but no company stays at the top spot forever and they can be replaced by you if you have the right strategy (for help with this, consider using our Cobalt Formula for digital marketing).
  • The organic click-through-rates for spots 7 through 10 on a search page are relatively equal. In other words, it’s crowded at the bottom so always try to stay on top. Moving up one spot in search rankings can boost your CTR by 30.8%, but this also depends on your position. Moving from the #3 spot to the #2 spot is a major boost, but moving from #10 to #9 not so much, simply because few people scroll down farther than the #3 search result (in fact, the top three results get 75% of all clicks).
  • There are many small SEO techniques that can help boost your search engine rankings and CTR and help drive new business. Simply by framing a title tag as a question, for example, you can increase CTR by up to 14.1%. The number of characters in your title tag can also make a big difference. Titles with 15 to 40 characters have an 8.6% higher CTR than those with more (or less) characters. It’s also important to use keywords and even emotional language (“Get Awe-Inspiring Results”) that grabs peoples’ attention and will get more of them to click. In fact, CTR climbs by 45% when a keyword is included in the URL because it shows people that you have exactly what they need. This is what SEO is all about.
  • On the other hand, implementing a ‘power word’ (Amazing, Ultimate, Powerful), into the title tag can often negatively impact CTR and decrease it by 13.9%. It is important to have an SEO strategy that uses best practices in all areas of digital marketing, including copywriting. Our agency is fully integrated to provide the full-stack of marketing techniques, from copywriting to web design, to make sure you have the best possible digital marketing strategy.
  • When it comes to the more-specific SEO tactics, meta descriptions on the page can also make link clicks rise by up to 5.8%. While meta descriptions are not always used by Google, these short “previews” of text and content provide SEO optimized copy in the event that Google does use it. Otherwise, Google just pulls text from the link and it may or may not be SEO optimized or have the right keywords. Wherever you can, focus on copywriting that gets to the point and shows search engine users that your company has exactly what they need – if they just click on the link.

How an Increased CTR can benefit you.

An increase in organic click-through-rate should be an immediate priority for any business and serves two functions:

  1. The more clicks a link gets, the more traffic a site generates. A click-through-rate that increases from 10 to 20 percent generates double the amount of site traffic. Again, CTR is one of the most important (and also one of the easiest) ways to improve your digital marketing efforts.
  2. Click-through-rate can have a cyclical effect, as users are much more likely to click on your link the higher up you are in the results. The higher you are, the more clicks you get, which helps you keep moving up higher. It’s all about keeping up with search engine algorithms and making adjustments to your SEO tactics on an ongoing basis. If you are committed to increasing your CTR and search engine ranking, it will show up in the results. 

In order to grab the attention of your target audience, your links need to be SEO optimized, have the right keywords, with the right tags and descriptions, the right character length, and even the right creative finesse (this is where copywriters play an invaluable role). In other words, there is a proven methodology for increasing CTR, it just takes a little time and effort to implement it.

How can Cobalt Digital Marketing deliver?

Our McAllen digital marketing agency has the essential strategies needed to improve your organic click-through-rate. Our SEO specialists, content creators, and PPC team know exactly which methods will draw the most attention to your links.  We also offer help personalizing websites that fit your brand and promote the strengths of your business. If you wish to maximize the effectiveness of your advertisement, organic click-through-rates are the way to go. Let us help you build a unique website and attention-getting link that will raise your site traffic, ultimately bringing in new clients to your business.

Our Cobalt Formula™ can help your business prosper, reach one of our catalysts today at (866) 224-5705.